Monk heal only with a relic


does anybody know, how the healing of monks work? I wan’t to allow (auto)healing only if they carry a relic.
What I have tested in the “abilitys” so far:

_add the relic requirement to “core_auto_heal_toggle”:
allow to activate the autoheal toggle button, only when holding a relic. Works, but you can activate it, and put the relic down. It stays activated.

_add the relic requirement to “monk_heal_target”:
Only heal one specific target if a relic is hold. Works, but the auto heal toggle button still overrides it and the monk is able to auto heal.

And both,
_add the relic requirement to “monk_heal_target” and “monk_heal_target”:
Works, but still, if the toggle button is on, it overides the healing, regardless if the monk holds a relic.

It seems there is something else, where to place the relic requirement, but I can’t find it. I can’t find the “healing rate” of the monk either.

Some hints or help would be very nice, thanks in advance!