Monk healing is bugged in a few ways

First of all, after healing, they usually keep the green + sign on their heads forever, even when being garrisoned. But, most importantly, since the last update, the auto heal functionality is not working: They start healing but it doesn’t seem to do anything and they don’t move to the next target, so dropping a group of wounded units next to them no longer heals them all (I like turtling and I do this constantly). I’m not 100% sure on what exactly fails on the healing, but it doesn’t work unless you manually shift-queue them to heal all your wounded units.


Yes, noticed the same issue playing HRE. Worked perfectly prior to this winter patch. Now you have to manually heal each wounded unit with the monk/prelate/etc. Frustrating.

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Have seen a few posts on the buggy healing mechanics since last patch. Some were saying that the auto heal turns off when you pick up a relic. Can manually check to ensure monks are have heal set to auto for now. But still have noticed a few times where manually assigning a monk to heal and the unit’s health just stays the same. Not sure what brought on the bug… Maybe something to do with the prelate inspiration fix.

I never play HRE, but this happens with Mongols, English and French, so I’m going to assume it’s a problem for all civs.

the healing inside keep(inam medical center) as abasid works as indented. I didn’t try with monk to check healing as well

They have an auto heal toggle which gets turned off if they drop a relic, ungarrison, retask etc. Make sure to turn it back on. This a new bug since the patch.


Thanks all! We are aware and working on a fix.

I just play vs IA and when prelates start healing someone, dont stop even when that unit its at full health.

A few units injured, prelate only heal 1 and dont stop channel the heal unless you move it.

Relic pls :S


I can confirm this as well. Even if you click different unit to heal, Prelate will not listen until you will move him. Even if automatic heal is set to “on” Prelate will not heal automatically even when units are almost standing on the same spot.

Update: Even when all units are healed, his “healing cross” is still active even when he is just standing around doing nothing

Happened also to me. Very irritating.

Can Confirm.
Even if there are injured units, Prelates are stuck healing units with full hp.
To heal the right units you have to manually assign them to heal.

(see Timestamp - infinite healing to the upper maa)

Thanks, all! We’re aware of issues with Prelates and are working on it. Appreciate the report!


Hello there !

I found out that prelate will keep healing a a unit even if it’s at full health. This was already reported, but I found another bug where, if you delete the said unit, the prelate will freeze in a T pose unit stop command is issued.

gif here : Imgur: The magic of the Internet