Monks are OP?

The monks have been upgraded or there is a bug or something ?

I almost instant convert all units I target, even scoots or eagles.

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Haven’t tried them today. But it’s RNG based. Meaning you can theoretically get very quick conversions if you’re lucky.

Have you tried it across multiple matches? Or was this one random instance?

I was hindoustanis, the next match it was normal.
But i think something was wrong anyway and made like 10 instant convertions (its not possible to be that lucky) I’ll investigate.

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You could link the replay, in case you’d like others to have a look as well / investigate.

Was it a ranked game or a custom game? If latter, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some mods at play then.

I usually play Spanish and not even with “Inquisition” i could say is instant. But i didint try recently.


It was a random game from Lobby Arena 4V4. Without mod but unfortunately without record.

maybe the internal RNG is off, I consistently roll the same civ 2 games in a row. For example (as a mostly Random Civ player), my civs look like this: Turks Turks, Magyars, Goths Goths, Franks, Lithuanians, Gurjaras Gurjaras etc. If you count the statistical likelihood of such drafting, it is very slim.

I do not think that is true. Statistical likelihood of doubles appearing is high. Triples or quadruples is much more ‘dubious’ if they occur in a repeating pattern.

Ok but I have something else to do than lying about AOE monks on internet )

let’s assume the simplest test, you roll the same result twice, we have 42 civs, the likelihood of rolling the same civ in 2 rolls is (1/42)^2. This is 0.05% or 1 in 5000 chance. Not to mention as of lately I got the same civ 2x games in a row, three times. Like I said, it looked something like:


It is possible to get “rare results”, because rolls are ultimately random, but it’s also true that modern RNGs are only pseudo-random. Something is off imo.

The first civ is already decided. It’s 1/42 that you get a the same civ a second time. It’s (1/42)^2 to get the same civ 3x in a row.


that’s not correct.
As Flintstrong said, the chance of getting a civs twice in a row is just 1/42. But none of that is taking sample size into account:
Eg, when playing 10 games the chance of playing the same civ (at least) twice in a row at least once is almost 20%
Getting a double in 5 games is close to 10%, so the chance of getting 2 doubles in 10 I estimate to be 1%

Btw (1/42)^2 is closer to 0.06%, but even 0.05% is 1 in 2000, not 1 in 5000

Either way I think the sample space is way too small to make any strong conclusion


It was weird, in a recent game I was walking monks and clicked a unit to be converted and it either died or was converted instantly pretty much as soon as they were commanded to convert it - it certainly doesn’t happen often, but it did happen

I’m not 100% certain what unit was converted, but it was a cavalry unit, and I’m somewhat certain it was a scout.

Either way, while there is RNG involved, monk conversions cannot be instant. Thus, if it is somehow, a replay would be very helpful to link.

I believe the window is like, 4 seconds minimum, for a conversion to happen? Considering the in-game timer is at 1.7x speed, it can feel immediate without being instant.

There’s also the monk charge-up mechanics that can be (ab)used, by having the monk convert a building and once a unit comes into range, task the monk to convert the unit instead. Then it can be actually instant, because a building’s minimum resistance is much longer and it is carried over as if it were a unit’s conversion, so when the monk has been converting a building for longer than 4 seconds, there is a very good chance you’ll get an instant conversion. Especially if it goes over the maximum unit resistance time.