Monks are Suicidal

The behaviour of units moving out of the way to make way for other moving allied units has become an endless pain in the neck for me. I wish I could outright disable it as it numerous times has make me near pull out my hair in frustration. Sometimes when archers being caught out of position and I try to bail them out with my cavalry, they stop firing and moves and just never fires again. Sometimes while defending a choke point a random soldier just runs straight for death because I move some other units around be it bombards, melee units or smaller groups of archers, but there is one unit that cranks up this frustration to 11 and beyond: Monks.

I can see the value of having a behaviour of moving out of the way for other units, but with monks it is simply baffling the amount problem it creates, and if this behaviour cant be properly tuned at least I want it disabled for monks (Might be a problem with expensive siege as well, if you personally encountered it please share). I can have a handful of them in the back of my army to top my soldiers off and suddenly I find their corpses IN FRONT of my army? Monks have very low health, no armour and moves very slowly which makes them very prone to death. This behaviour also frequently seems to stop them from doing why I bring them in the first place, healing my units. I bring back my hurt frontline units and the monks start running away from them. Sometimes I clean up a base with some units moving my army slowly forward so I don’t run into a castle, little do I know that all my monks are already shuffling towards it begging to be perforated by salvos of arrows, instead of healing my units.

PS: My micro is overall decent, I’m not a pro but I wouldn’t say It’s a skill issue, it just seems like no matter what I do, my monks just don’t want to live.