Monks as Military Unit ? why?

i would like to suggest that monks no longer be defined as military units. it often happens that monks mix with military units when collecting relics, and it takes forever to find your monks again.

i see this problem even when pro players play. it sometimes requires a very accurate micro until you can find your monks again and send them to the relic.

the problem is more common in DM games, where there are often many units on the screen.

in my opinion it doesn’t make sense to define monks as military units either. because culturally they were used more for salvation of the soul than less often in warlike intention. if you look at the historical past.

It would certainly be nice to be able to make some units exempt from the “select military” hotkeys. I run into this same problem mostly with monks and trebs, because I use the “select all military” a lot. I’ll tell my units to attack-move somewhere, and suddenly my trebs are packing up and a monk with a relic comes wandering into the middle of the enemies.

However, monks are part of your army. They convert units. They aren’t eco. They certainly need to be counted as military units.

No. 29 Teutonic Knights, 21 Hand Cannoneers, 10 monks, square formation, stand ground.

Monks being part of military formation is essential.

As far as history, monks of the catholic church, particularly the jesuit order, are militaristic conversionists who extend the reach of the largest military order in terms of information and increase the amount of power of the jesuite order by getting their grubby hands on every seat of power in the world they can get their mits on.


On the other hand, this is a game. Some parts of reality simply won’t carry over into fun gameplay.

Use the bind hotkey on your monks and select them however you want

@toughertrack thats exactly what often happens. would be nice, if there would be an option to toggle that behaviour

A significant part of this problem would also be fixed if you could attack-move with monks. That would necessitate severe nerfs to monks though, and people would throw a fit.

After that there would be no balance problem with being able to designate military units as ‘villager’, which would be pretty useful. Not only would such a unit be exempt from “select all military”, it could be much easier to stop it from going idle (useful for scouts etc). It could even be useful to designate a villager as “military” so it’ll keep up & repair your magonels.

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Umm, are you aware of the new shift queuing mechanic? Just order the monk to collect the relic while holding shift and then right click the monastery. The monk should bring back the relic automatically


Yes and I shift que monk to getRelic-dopositRelic-getRelic-depositRelic, then I do one unthinking allMilitaryAttackEnemy command after my monk collected his first relic, and my monk suddenly forgets about the whole command que.
Or are you saying I should use selectAllMilitary-SHIFT-attackMove? Cool idea, but I recall SHIFT-attackMove not working for me.

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I get the reasoning of the OP but monks not being military would also mean that people who use the “easy selection” option (ie.dragging will ignore villies and select militaries) will have trouble controlling both their army and their monks. And as a matter of fact, the monk’s main purpose is to remove units from the enemy and they can’t directly generate ressources themselves. This sounds quite “military” to me (and I mean, if monk = civilian, then what is the keshik 11)