Any idea why the monks were rather shoddily done? There are graphics for the Imam and Eastern Monk but they went with the lazy option and opted to not include relic pickup graphics for these two so they cannot be applied to the regular game. Also, despite reskinning so many heroes, Pope Leo was not reskinned. A pope hero would have been invaluable to the game…


They have followed the AOE2 tradition, in which there are only two types of monks: one for Mesoamerican civilizations, and another for everyone else. In the editor, there are four types of monk-like units:

In order from left:

  • Christian monk (the default);
  • Mesoamerican monk (should be more correctly named “priest”, and monastery “temple”, because no monasticism existed in thoese civilizations);
  • Imam hero;
  • Bui Bi hero (who looks like a buddhist monk).

So, also I’d like to see a consistent use of monk skin among civilizations; for example, it’s a bit weird to see a Christian monk who comes out a Eastern or mosque-like monastery.

In order to not causing a rebellion by purists of this series, I’d suggest adding an option for enabling traditional skin or this new one. It could be a way to add more uniqueness to civilizations… they have always been too similar.


There is also the AOE type priest. All of which could be used. Maybe an African Shaman/Daoist monk/priest could be added too. They have been reskinning many heroes, doing so for monks would be appreciated along with reskins for the archbishop/Pope Leo.

You forgot the Priest unit.

Of course. And ordinary monks, sometimes, say “Wololo”.

But this operation could be widened: why differentiating only monks?

They would be a start. And there was already a precedent set for them with the Meso monks…

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