Moral choices

I’m learning a new civ and watched a few other players’ games who play better than me to check if I could do something better.

It looks like some of them are using bugs in the game to get competitive advantage. Now I have a moral choice - use the bug and get unfair advantage or loose the game because someone else has unfair advantage. What should I do?

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exploit while you can

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Block and report them for a little comfort (

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It feels so good winning, even when at a disadvantage!

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I would suggest you to avoid using them, not because of a moral code, but because it’ll be the best thing on a long term.

Bugs will eventually be patched out, so if you get yourself used to win with them, when you can’t rely on them anymore you will found yourself at a disadvantage.

You can use exploits, but you need to be able to win without them.

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Pick a different new civ. Follow your moral compass. It’s also not a good idea to get used to something that won’t be there forever. That’s my advice.


It looks not much different from my “favorite op civ” getting nerfed. I might be playing a different civ after the patch anyway. I guess I will pay up with the loosing streak.

Don’t use the exploits and basically cheat to win. You don’t want to be that guy

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You are right, I guess I don’t want people to disconnect when seeing my name.

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It’s a bit different.

In my humble opinion, it’s still a bit early to say which Civ is OP and which civ is UP, since we still have to explore the whole game.

If this would be aoe2 about a year age, then I could agree, but on aoe4, balance and bug exploits are still different.

For example, the HRE is considered the weakest civ, but in my opinion it’s just underrated. On the other hand, rus is considered the strongest, but even if they’ll nerf the hunt cabin you should still be able to win without exploits.

It’s like when there was the bug of scouts that could bypass palisade walls in aoe2. If you learned to win by abusing that bug, when the bug is patched, you might not be fast enough to get inside with scouts before the enemy has walls, because you weren’t used to.[quote=“Toster256, post:7, topic:190602, full:true”]

It looks not much different from my “favorite op civ” getting nerfed. I might be playing a different civ after the patch anyway. I guess I will pay up with the loosing streak.

Depends what you understand with exploit.
You never want to exploit bugs giving an unfair advantage, like the unlimited spearman range abasid had for a short time.

Utilizing such exploits or bugs does not make you a better player, you won’t suddenly play tournaments with the top tier players, you won’t even make a single $ winning games, all you will get from it, is winning games thru cheating, but for that you don’t need to play the game. You can play easy AI’s all day long, you will also win and it would have the same point, no point at all.

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Folow morality and your inner voice, but have no mercy if the other use exploit and hack.

In reference to those who:

  • Glitch crash game, so that no one lose.
  • Glitch resourcess trade, for free resourcess duplicate.
  • Glitch garison units, to create free copies.
  • Use a program ai to play faster then a humain being.

Hi @Toster256, Please report the exploit to the team by submitting a request at if it is not already well known. I encourage you to show good sportsmanship and not use exploits.


Being a good sport in all places of your life is critically important, so if your conscience still works, don’t break it.

That’s the first thing I checked. It looks like it is widely known and reported and there are youtube videos about it. I’m being kinda cryptic to not promote this specific glitch, which is pretty minor comparing to the ones referenced above. So, I guess this have an opposite effect.

I tested it against ai and in a real game. Winning didn’t give me usual satisfaction - I think I played pretty good, but I cannot tell was it the skill or unfair advantage. So, I guess I will stop using it and will quit the games where some other player uses it.

There are so many other ways how I can improve in the game and doesn’t make sense to devote my energy to something dodgy.

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I have changed my mind on this, I’d always play without using them however it seems like every professional player, and content Creater is using bugs (most notably animation cancelling) and getting away with it (not being banned) even in s tier tournaments! I think I will start taking advantage of bugs and glitches now too.

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After watching Szalami on Twitch yesterday, I have a hard time disagreeing.

If the best players and the game’s overseers say it’s Kosher to use them, then there’s little more than principle holding us back.

You can build 2 tower and make units suich tower, just prior the attack of the tower.

It give a extra attack , like a loaded tower, but for haf the units need.

Very usefull, when buildings in enemy base, to deny his resourcess.