More Accurate North American Maps

The current map has a few wonky features like Dakota being way too far north and Plymouth not actually containing Plymouth. I made this one to put the territories in the right places and added a few potential new ones.

Edit: Added Newfoundland by popular demand. Also added Oregon because there aren’t many maps to use the west coast natives in.


The lack of a Newfoundland map is tragic.

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Haha, I can add it. That region was just getting a little crowded and I always felt like the islands off the coast the New England map were supposed to be Newfoundland. I guess it would make sense as an island like Borneo with no natives and just a trade route.

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Nice, I appreciate the change.

Newfoundland was always lightly settled but it saw a lot of action between colonial powers, especially the French and British, but also Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese. Additionally it acted as an important hub in the New World - a place where many Irish stopped over before heading to the Thirteen Colonies, a place that produced a lot of fish that was sold to the Spanish and given to slaves in the Caribbean, and obviously most well-known as Vinland where the Vikings first discovered the New World.

Always thought it was a strange omission in a game that originally focused on European colonization of the Americas.