More animals could make the maps look more amazing

I saw a post a couple of days ago (could not find anymore) here, where someone was asking to include more types of animals (e.g. based on the biome), which would be a very great visual gimmick. (E.g. replacing wolf with tigers (e.g. with different stats), deer with antelopes etc., just be creative)

In addition, I think it would be great and make the world / maps amazing if there would be Gaia you cannot interact with:

  • small animals (e.g, squirrels, bunnies) running around near forests
  • cats, dogs in the bases (I don’t know, e.g., after each “n” building a dog is spawn) that run around and do some random stuff
  • bird / flock of birds flying around - where maybe troops might trigger them to fly away

These would be not really a game mechanic, much rather visuals - that if you prefer, should be able to be turned off, for either saving graphic settings, or in competitive to reduce clutter. I believe the vast majority of players would enjoy a living world to play in, instead of maps containing only simple ressource nodes.

I am not a game designer, so I cannot judge how complicated is it to add things like that… My initial feeling is only it could be done by a couple of talented people… maybe even make a modding contest for this, and reward those with the best ideas, if there are no internal resources.


It’s a great idea.

Is someone working on the animal’s biome modding? I don’t think it would be difficult to do something in that way.

I’ve checked the modder language and is similar to MATLAB language.

I will try to test the language when I get some free time. There should be some variable that points to the biome.

More difficult would be made the animations and drawings for the specific animals (e.g a tiger).

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Great suggestions. I did a similar post on the AOE4 forum and on reddit recently and the vast majority also said they want more animals and plants.

The compromise regarding competitive players as an option I think is not a bad idea. Competitive players usually don’t like anything that doesn’t have to do with ranked seasons, hotkeys and balancing. However, in AOE4 the developers should focus more on casual players and less on competitive / e-sport players, who make up only a small percentage of the possible players. Competitive players are usually much more active/overrepresented in this forum.

Please developers add more animals and plants. So many players want this.