More bans in TG are needed!

1 ban for TG maps is not enough, I refuse to play BF, Amazon tunnel and Michi for that matter… really long, nonse maps.


9 maps, 8 players with 1 ban each = at least one map not banned by anyone. if you want more bans, queue with more people


Having 8 people does not meat everyone will ban a different map, don’t be ridiculous.

Arena players always will find each others, while Arabia players will do the same.

Team RM should have, at least, 3 bans.


Have fun with your longer wait times with 3 map bans per player.

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Honestly, we need more maps in the pool, if we have 100 maps and 12 bans per players, the higher odds people will gain a map they actually want to play while also retaining Enough bans to take out the maps that they would rather not play within reason.
And if in a squad of 4? That’s a solid 48-49 bans at their disposal.

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but the corner case always exist, tho the majority (99.99%) of time it won’t happen

prob map-distinct queues are the best to solve the problems but it diverse the (small) community too much

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This logic for some reason doesnt apply in 3v3s as each team gets only 3 bans leaving 3 unbanned maps.

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It’s calculated per player unfortunately. It’s not a very ‘smart’ system. So it calculates the most amount of bans per player when playing, so: 9 maps / 6 players = 1.5. It then floors the value to 1 and does that: 1 * 3 players = 3 bans. It should really be floored after the multiplication honestly…

Edit, created a bug report about it:

Change map ban calculation slightly


I really hate this kind of stupid posts which are written out of spite with no though given to the actual working of MM. The result is half baked rage post which does not address the real issues or give proper solution.

If you simply want to increase bans without changing the way MM works, the queue will simply be broken since majority won’t get a common unbanned map.

The only solution to this problem is to have custom ranked lobbies without making changes in ranked queue. This may split the playerbase but ultimately the amount of players will increase. Also, the choice of maps in ranked needs serious reconsideration Arabia and runestones in same map pool = 2, Amaing forest in 1v1 1111111.

These changes will likely not happen since the dev team and MS are close and narrow minded.


thats a fair point and ideally speaking there should be more maps in the pool or atleast a better variety of maps which don’t play similar to the fixed maps. Like no Amazon tunnel in the voting pool while Black forest is in the fixed set, no Runestones while Arabia is in the fixed set.

There are only so many variations of ways people queue up and i would have never they use an equation, also thank you for the ticket, i really hope they fix it.

Hello friend!

Happy to see topics like this!

I made a topic before with more explenations why we should have 1 map queue in team games to be possible

Check: Trying to solving some team games and match making problems

What I wanted to say, it is not about having more bans more than that we should be able to queue with 1 map selection in team games.


The problem is the limited number of maps. We need more than 8 maps to choose from. Like 20 at least, if not more. That way we could have more bans but still be more likely to find matches.

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