More campaigns confirmed!

We hope you enjoy the first Briton campaign in Age of Empires II!

by Bert Beeckman | Jan 28, 2021 | Age of Empires II DE

It seems there will be more Briton Campaigns?


“First” in this sentence simply means that there has not been any English campaigns before, not that there will be additional ones.


More campaigns maybe, English ones I don’t think so.

The author should have use the word “new” instead of “first” though.

Definitely there’ll be more campaigns.


more british campaigns??? noooooo!!!

i would hope they add more campaigns, but not britons.


First it’s correct, and I think he meant it because britons should had its own campaign since AoK.

But for sure I hope for new campaigns…

More campaigns for those 97.3% that haven’t played campaigns at all, seems very profitable :slight_smile:


That’s not true at all, the online community may be the most vocal, but the ones that play just single player are just as numerous.


2 Briton Campaigns when 1/3 of the civs don’t have even one? Anyways I hope the new Briton Campaign will bring us the very important Luxembourgers and Frisians.

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They should definitely add new campaigns especially for the Britons. England has a rich history and one campaign doesn’t do it any justice, there should be more American campaigns too.

They really need more campaigns for old civs that still don’t have a full campaign, especially the Lithuanians. A Chinese campaign I think is particularly inevitable.


If they did do another Britons campaign, who would they use? Alfred the Great seems like the best choice imo due to Richard already having Cyprus and Henry V already having Agincourt, unless they changed both missions to not be Historical Battles anymore.

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I really don’t understand the hate you have for the campaigns or any single-player content. Imagine if splitting the AoE 2 DE SP content from AoE 2 DE MP just like how Spellforce 3 did.

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A Maya and/or Viking one could be nice too.


I don’t hate anything other than selling lies, i am just using the steam and MS data, listen or read carefully in case you did not the first time, 97.3% of the total players who are using or used the game haven’t played any new campaigns, in other words the HUGE majority are not interested on that kind of content, why as a company would you release for the potential 2.7% of your total base players?

Anyway i got crashes at every single level of the burgundy and sicilians campaigns, so the bad direction of the guys in charge will eventually hit the single player users.

Ironic the lies. I just played the Sicilians campaigns, my pc didn’t crash. Maybe sometimes you have to upgrade your drivers noh? If you have nothing good to say about the SP content go to an MP thread. 11

War of the roses would be interesting to see with its similarities to game of thrones.

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They should make more super-easy campaigns with scenarios similar to Agincourt and William Wallace. As long as it is as easy or easier than the first Vlad Dracula mission I will be very happy with it.