More customisation on banners

i think the banner customization is poorly made, example if you add like stripes on the background of the banner and you change the banner shape then the stripes are not going all way down, and it doesn´t look good with the color options available

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Are you talking about how they dont meet the edges. – I got this one.

I think it looks kinda neat.

yes that is exactly what i mean, and the color options are poor at least in my taste (not in your banner, i mean in general :DD)

It would be cool if they fleshed it out a bit more. It does kinda look like someone learned Photoshop layers. But… It could be tweeked and improved.

But for what it is and how it barely affects the game itself, I’m not to worried about it.

I had a hard time finding colors as well but I eventually found a look I liked. it’s not a super critical part of gameplay but having more customization could be nice.