More defensive RAMS

Hello everyone! I hope you are well. I was recently playing a RUS vs French multiplayer game and noticed something that could be improved. What happens is that when I was in the game I was attacked by battering rams, which is a common strategy in AOE4, but I was surprised by the amount of military that my opponent had. I tried to defend my base with many soldiers and with everything I could but I could not stop the attack of the battering rams, and from there a question arose, why is it not possible to use battering rams to defend with battering rams? And this comes because in AOE2 you can do that mechanic and I think that in AOE4 it would be a VERY effective way against those early battering rams that may come, because it would make defending the base from enemy attacks more enjoyable.

I don’t know what you think, but I think it would be a good thing to be able to handle early defenses better, I would like to know what you think about that.

This is all from my side, and thanks to those who read this post! :smiley:

The patch that comes tomorrow changes siege units including rams, it makes melee units not use torces and Ram health reduced from 700 to 420. Also Horseman melee weapons gain +10 bonus damage to siege.

Some people argue this will make rams too weak but we will have to see how it goes.

Using rams against other rams could be useful but i think with the big upcoming patch is too soon to suggest changes.

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The math shakes out to be that horsemen kill rams twice as fast. From 70s down to ~34s. So if you could imagine having 6 to 7 horsemen hiding in a TC/BBQ waiting for the ram to touch, MEANwhile using arrows and bullets kill and keep back infantry. Then the moment the ram reaches TC/BBQ the horsemen pop put out and kill that ram in 5 to 6 seconds :flushed:?! That might be an issue…

Especially for bbq rushes :disguised_face:. 7+ anything inside a BBQ hitting 25 dmg/3sec plus 6 dmg per arrow slot, plus cav kill twice rams twice as fast? AND BBQ gets springald and bombards upgrades?? It means bbq + 8 horsemen will shutdown/guard a location for waaay cheaper than what will be required to kill that bbq in feudal!!! I already :heart: it!!! This is not only good news for aggressive BBQ but defensive song dynasty boom!!

I hear declare China feudal will be saved if china can hide behind main TC and/or BBQ!!!

MAKE sire to reference my prophecy posted here when it comes to past!!

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You’re right, we’ll have to wait and see how it goes with the patch. Although I still think it would be a good idea to implement the ability to defend with battering rams :sweat_smile: But it will be known in time.

It will be interesting to see those strategies with Chinese :nerd_face:

IF you get rushed with battering rams, rejoice they just wasted 300-600 wood.
Do not attack the battering rams at all. Go directly for the army and go for the ranged units first, cuz those will kill ur villies.

Once ranged are gone, pull every single villager and attack the rams while ur army attacks the remaining army.
Never ever attack rams with your army, and do not pull your villies unless you have killed the ranged army.

You will almost always survive if you approach it this way, I do, most of the time. If there is a big mismatch in your and opponent army then it’s tough. Sometimes you just gotta know when to call it.

Just don’t attack the rams, let him try to micro rams while u finish his ranged then go for the rams.

Hope this helps. To defend rams with rams, you have to waste the same amount of wood as your opponent. Instead use that wood to make archers, they are clutch when it comes to defense. Archer blob can kite the foot soldiers for ages while the villies take the rams.


On top of this, I’d say make sure you’re scouting appropriately. Try to find what military production buildings a person makes. When they age up, send over a scout and look out for incoming military. That early info should be enough to prepare for the incoming attack.

If the map is closed, some early walls can help slow down the assault, but that really depends on how much wood you need to invest into that early on. For example, on Black Forest, it’s pretty viable to build multiple layers of palisade walls (especially as RUS) to slow down the attack while you get a tech or military advantage. They either need to waste time burning down the walls (while you gauge their military size), or they invest in rams to take down the walls slowing down the overall ram push.