More Gunpowder Please

We all saw the Chinese civilisation in the fan preview and we all thought that their huge focus on gunpowder was pretty cool so wouldn’t it be great if there was a civ in AoE II that had rockets, nests of bees and cavalry with fire lances.

This is just awesome.

Come on over to AOE3 DE, there’s plenty of gunpowder to to go around. Chinese flamethrowers, hand mortars, exploding rockets, you name it.


My birthday’s this week so I’ll try to get it then.

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AoE III is so cool, why do AoE II players always make fun of AoE III?


Because it looks ugly, less competitive, villagers have shotguns, you can play yugi oh with the cards of ur home town, fixed town center locations and little map variation, trade line fixed in the middle, also wtf is that spherical view of the map? that looks terrible like if the earth would be way smaller than the moon to see the curvature, it is fun but not something you would play often.


Is it worth it to get the USA DLC along with the base game when I buy it?

You may get it for free, for limited time.

But I’m buying it tomorrow I don’t think there’s enough time left to do all the challenges.

they said they would annouce atleast a month in advance whe nthe time will end. I think the minimum time needed is 17 days. i think yo ucan still make it, i havent heard an end time annouced yet

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