More konnik like units

An archer that, after dying, is reborn as infantry without the bow. This could have been the hybrid archer infantry unit that original developers wanted for samurai.

A calvary archer that becomes an archer after dying. Maybe too op.

A slow or strong infantry that loses the armor and heavy weapin after dying and turns into fast but weak infantry.

Siege that leaves one soldier after dying. Imagine the guy of the bombard cannon fighting after the cannon is destroyed. Or a troyan horse.

A monk unit that fights after death.

A calvary unit that leaves the horse after dying. The horse is like a sheep with 50 food, and can not be taken by enemies.

A dog tamer that leaves the dog. Or a slaver that leaves the slave he fights with.

A big ship that becomes a smaller ship after dying.

An elephant that leaves infantry. Too op, maybe.

A calvary that leaves a weak petard.

A skirmisher that loses the shield and becomes a lancer.

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No one agree that the mechanism of dismount is very stupid?
I can’t accept the existence of konnik until now. :sweat_smile:

In Imperium games,egiptian monks could transform into ghost after dying to curse enemy troopes.

And in original age of empires 1, martyr tech allowed to suicide monks to instantly convert an enemy (it is not the same as you proposal, but i recalled it now). I loved that tech.

An archer that, after dying, is reborn as infantry without the bow.

An archer could switch to melee when approached fighting close range.
But why would it ressurect as melee unit when it dies?
The Konnik isn’t ressurecting but jumping of the horse and continuing after the horse has died.

Imagine the guy of the bombard cannon fighting after the cannon is destroyed.

That guy isn’t going to have a weapon.
The cannot is a lot thougher than the guy.
It makes no sense for the guy to survive if the cannon doesn’t.

A skirmisher that loses the shield and becomes a lancer.

Javelins are designed differently than spears so they’re effective projectile weapons and cheap.
They aren’t fit to be used as a spear.

Many of these examples suggest you don’t to realize why the Konnik mechanism makes sense.

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The dying animation for the archer could be different, just him losing the bow. Same for the armored guy.

Every soldier went to the battle at least with a knive, dagger or small sword for self protection

not really, proper weapons were not (always) the rule.
at some point, Charlemagne himself had to clarify that, when summoned for the yearly campaign, every soldier, when possible, should have brought more than a stick.

so, if it’s the case, should be a feature of only imperial age units.

In what scenario does his bow break due to damage inflicted by enemies but the soldier can keep going?

Yes, let’s change this historically based Medieval game into a fantasy world where units rise from the dead, because cool. I’m sure you could make your own mod to do this, just change the dead unit IDs.


Idk. Maybe he blocks the hit with the bow. Maybe he falls and the bow breaks.

Konnik brought a new concept to the game, an unit that when dead is replaced with a differebt kind of unit wuth differebt counters. I think it is a concept intetesting to explore.

For the archer that switches to melee in close combat, as you suggested, that could work but it could be annoying to control, specially if the enemy micromanages very well.

A samurai archer that, after being defeated, rises up and takes his sword for his honor, for me makes enough sense

Welp, the Konnik is a UNIQUE UNIT, wich means his concept has to be unique, and it’s the case for most unique units, and when some concepts like ranged melee attacks have really distinct variations, like gbeto/axemen, they do make sense, while WTF a bow (ie.a wood stick worked to be able too shoot, not to be a shield) would block a sword or a spear? And seriously the “everyone had daggers” part is also bullshit, why bother with gaining back a unit that would be worse than a no loom villager? Even with their OP stats (as of now) dismounted konniks often die before they end their animation from the same thing that killed the horse, as long as it’s not a halb/camel. It’s still a good distraction for the other konniks to keep fighting, but a weaker unit would die too fast to even serve this purpose. A monk that instead of dying decides to become violent? What? A horse that calmly guide himself back to home when he is in middle of a battle with no direction??? Cavalry becoming petard??? I’m going to stop here cuz there would be to much"?"

I have crazier concepts if you want. Like a monk riding an elephant, when it dies it continues as a monk.

I see your point with the uniqueness of the units, but i dont see anything wrong i twisting the concepts a little to explore creative possibilities. A rattan archer is a huscarle with a bow. If you give a bow to a konnik, you would have a calvary archer that continues as an archer after death. Maybe that is op.

Other more simpke concepts would be replacing the horse with a camel or an elephant. A camel version of the konnik would offer different kind of counters, but it is almost the same, calvary that transforms into infantry.

If you want an archer, without a horse, that becomes after death into an infantry unit, i only can think in that the unit, when falling to the ground, loses the bow, and has to use the sword as a last resource.

Maybe you dont like the concept, it is ok. I wrote this post for the people that like to discuss fan made ideas.

And yes, the fighting monk and the calvary petard are very crazy. It wouldnt be a petard, just a weaker version, same for the monk. The monk could be a hospitaler crusader, but well.

But i dont know,some years ago if someone suggested an unit that ignores armor, i would have said that is nuts, as we have units with strong attack for that, and now we have the leitis. The keshiks are crazy too.

Here’s a really crazy idea. Let’s not make any more units that have an intrinsically OP quality to them.

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Dude that is crazy duh

I think konniks after next patch woukd be balanced. We need a new list of videos of 600 konniks against X to test it

Oh, don’t worry, Konniks are balanceable. But still sounds like a good plan lol

They just have been nerfed

i cant really tell if you are trolling or not
" An archer that, after dying, is reborn as infantry without the bow "
" A monk unit that fights after death "
" A big ship that becomes a smaller ship after dying "
"A calvary that leaves a weak petard "
yeah ok you are trolling. or maybe you are in the wrong forum?! its called age of EMPIRES, not age of MYTHOLOGY
why would a cavalry leave a petard?!!! its doesnt make sense even for age of mythology!

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The petard and the monk, those were crazy ideas. Even so, a normsl petard world be totalky op, it should be a really weaker petard to make ti balanced.

But for the archer infantry guy, i can see it. I understand thst the konnik makes more sense, as he is just a guy that has just lost his horse. An archer that falls to the ground to stand up again without the bow seems like a guy with two lifes, but in my mind it made sense if it was a samurai that fights on with his resolve an honor. Also, samurai were planned once to switch between bow and sword, so that could be a way to do that.

Anyway, the most simple alternative would be a calvary archer that becomes an archer.

Cool ideas for mods :slightly_smiling_face:

Mods have cool ideas

Did you see the spy unit? It is a villager looking unit whose color is the color of the closest unit. So you can put him next to enemy villagers to watch what the enemy is doing! Produced in castle. I dont know if he can pretend he is working or he is still just there