More native civs please

I am really appreciative and excited from seeing surprising new civs added to the game.

Please consider adding new Native civs, like the Apache and others maybe even from South America.

make them different than the 3 native civs we have now,

Too many empire civs, need more conquest civs

Thank you.


I’d love to see the Diné. I think they’re the the “last” major North American Native that should be in the game.

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What about the Haida ?


I think the amount of Major Natives are okay.

  • Inca is just too similar to Aztecs and at the same time they do everything.

  • Haudenosaunee are decent at a balance standpoint but they lack identity the most:

    • They’re supposed to use siege but 2/3 of them are useless,
    • their cards are dull,
    • new civs get many more travois than themselves and much more efficiently (as a matter of fact Haud travois can’t even build TPs)
    • They have no outstanding building to promote travois
  • We already have four Major Natives.

  • We have just two African nations

  • We have three Asian civilizations

  • I’d rather have a review on Haudenosaunee, a look at Aztec politicians, cutting the edges of Inca and rework Sweden before even conceive the thought of adding one more Native.

But that’s just me (:


Would not be bad.
Tupis (replace minor with guaranis) - Warchief increases siege of nearby units.
Mapuches (replace minor with puelches) - Warchief increases HP and attack of nearby units depending on nearby natural resources, up to 10%
Council of the three fires - Warchief can build totems, which function as a visual field on the map.
Mayas - Warchief increases HP of nearby buildings.

I think those 4 nations would be the most suitable.


I would like to see more Asian and African civs too (Zulu, Korea), but since this game was really focused on the colonization of the Americas I feel there is just so much missing from the natives.

I want to see another civ like Iros, but worked a little differently, or like the apache! Some sharp shooting long range cav snipers.

Civ’s to be added:


2.Tuareg/Berbers/Morocco/Barbary pirates

3.Mamluks Muhamad Ali




7.Rozvi Empire (Zimbabwe)

8.Songhai people’s.

9.Asante Kingdom

10.Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth. With Proper Winged Hussaria

  1. Austria

Switzerland (Minor regional Ally)

  1. Polynesians.

  2. Italy


I think aoe 3 is pretty good on civs. No one barely plays the native civs we have now, don’t see any point in adding more


On the contrary, I love playing as the Soux, the Aztechs, the Ethiopians, and every native from the distinct areas of the globe. Furthermore I never play a game without having appropriate allies and enemies. I use every singe civ in the correct areas where they featured in history and I need so much more to enjoy even more of the rich cultures and regions that history has to offer. If you don’t care for added content, then keep your purse and your mouth shut. Leave added content to us whom want it and will pay to have and enjoy it. Thank you.


If we’re going to add one more American Native civ, can we please have them be from South America? North America litteraly has 5 civs representing the people living there, while South America only has the Inca.

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how come you just always post the same list? it even has the same weird places where the text goes out.

your list really isnt either the important nor interesting civs to be added, and we know, as you have been told before, that we wont ever get austria.


as for the general thread, i gotta be honest there isnt a lot of wish for more native american civs in the game, and i just dont really play them much, nor do i see many play them either.


Tbf I don’t think the Natives are played much because they’re pretty badly designed overall, and the Fur Trade modifications just made them that much more annoying to play.

Not to mention neither the Hauds nor the Lakota exist after Fortress Age and, well… you’ve got some boring AF civs that don’t scale and can only 1-trick a single strategy and aren’t even that fun for history buffs in the first place, since they don’t remotely represent the people they’re supposed to.


Good for you that you like them, but most people don’t play them much, But going around telling people who don’t agree with you to keep their mouths shut is very immature. And tbh no one cares about your obsession with playing civs on the correct maps with the historically proper allies, so stop acting like that make you better then other players


Mapuche should be a good addition.
BTW does anyone remember there have been a bunch of unused big button portraits (which were used to speculate the first DLC civs) since DE released?


I’ve been looking at those with my mod. They’re neat, but I can’t think of a situation to use any of them so far.

Is true, if natives civs has the same design than european civs, like france for ex. Im sure that much more would be used.


yes, any new native civ would have a different design.

Yeah even since legacy I’ve always felt that you have to play harder and more efficient to do what many european civs can do just as easily. I like gimmicks but when the civ’s strength completely relies on said gimmicks there’s just no point. Why should I play haud when I can just play brits and have much less risk for about the same reward?


I think what can be gathered from this thread is that the Natives are underplayed because they’re badly designed, not because people don’t want to see Native Americans in the game. Unfortunately, the only real way to make them highly played would be a complete rework from the ground up for all three of the base WC civs, along with heavy editing of the Incans to match the new framework.

So… long story short, it’s never gonna happen.