More PvE content please - is it just me?

Hi all,

Is it just me that need more PvE content? With the release of AoE4 I had hoped for more PvE progression gameplay. I really loved the campaigns and would be nice with more of them so that every civ gets its own campaign. And they should not stop there, but when you are done with the campaigns… thats it.

So it would be so awesome to get some PvE progression gameplay, so that PvE’ers have something to do in AoE4 after the campaigns. Take a look at SC2 with the CO OP PvE progression gameplay where you built up and progress a civ/hero, getting xp and upgrade you civ/hero.

I think AoE4 should have a PVE progression gameplay system, a PvE based game where you can progress your civ and with that have some innovative game scenarios/mechanics - and then this should be updated a long the way. Then you would have a big PvE player base playing the game every day because there would be content to do - I mean, when you have done the campaings on Hardest what is there more to do for a PvE’er right now!??

Really hope we get some big cool PvE updates with some sort of a progression system in the future! ^^ :smiley:


You’re not alone.

I also want more PvE content. Like it’s fine if they don’t have high quality documentary videos with them. I just want semi challenging PvE with progression rewards.

As soon as we get the power to make our own scenarios, PvE may not seem so drab.

I really want something for PvE with a progression system with xp/lvls where you play, get better, get upgrades, get more powerful as a civ. And then you built on that and have you civ, like char, that you play with/on everyday. That would be a huge deal for the AOE PvE scene I think ^^ :smiley:

Well the most important thing would be to improve the AI. If AI is improved you actually have much better PVE

But it’s not enough if you ask me. With a brand new AoE game anno 2021 there should be some new innovative PvE stuff…

Archon mode, PLZ . Like Starcraft 2v2 but each side control one civ
That definitely would be fun if you can find a friend play together like one fighting on the front other operating at home

I’d love to see more campaigns and more immersive at that. There’s so much that can be accomplished in this platform, I’m just waiting to see what they come up with.

I think a dynasty or empire mode would be great for this game. Play as any faction and you have an overworld map and then each place you attack is a new match. Give some kind of progression aspect for overworld portion. Basically overworld portion would be like a lite version of a 4x strategy game. Maybe depending on territory owned gives you certain types of harvesting bonuses or combat bonus. Overworld techs that would allow you to start matches with a small contingent of troops for example. The match types could be procedurally generated based on the movements and actions of you and the AI on the overworld map.


This is actually a great idea. Similar to Galactic Conquest in the original Star Wars battlefront games on ps2.

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Could be a great add, worked well in rise of nation.

Was quite fun, at the time.

Would be epic love the idea

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First of all, need to improve the AI.

Rise of Nations conquer the world style, eh? It might feel the same considering the shared unit mechanics between games.

No its not enough for more PVE content. But my point was it senseless to add PVE content if AI is not improved significantly.

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Yeah, there’s definitely something wrong when you can beat the hardest AI in 20 minutes on your first try. :expressionless:

It should at least be able to fight back after having seen 3 archers in its base at 5 minutes in.

The biggest problem with the AI is the stupid retreat pattern.

It will come to your base with an army capable of defeating you, but will run away if it sees two towers.

And then it will retreat so much that you’ll have a big enough army and kill it because all it ever did was come to your base and leave.

Actually I dont like the idea of a 4x strategy element. I think that should be a IP for i self. I think the new innovative PvE system needs to be close related to the RTS-feeling. Something where the progress works makro in your civ, something you see and use in a RTS aspect and so on. But an upgraded innovated CO OP PvE experience as in SC2 with a AoE feel of it would be SOOOO awesome! And if you master to develop it, you also thinking of making PvE players better at playing AoE like mechanics and stuff - That would be totally awesome…

I had big wishes for something like this when AoE4 launched - that they would bring some brand new PvE to the game. Sadly there wasnt any of that but instead a good solid Campaign with nice history-telling, videos an the AoE-feel all over, and that Im really grateful for - but it was so quickly finished and then what for PvE play? Skirmish with fixed AI is really not enough… There is so much potential here - Please do something about it AoE-dev ^^ :blush:

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I’ve been suggesting since then a true co-op mode similar to SC2 in all 3 of the game franchises from Aoe 2 DE, Aoe 3 DE and Aoe 4. Hopefully they also add more “challenge missions” to all 3. Like the mongol mission in AoE 2 DE or the bombard crawl in AoE 3 DE.

Moreover, a mode with civs that has campaign technologies in skirmish would be nice too!