More Queen Regional Skins and Regicide New Option

As the title suggests, it would be great having regional skins for queens when the event is over, as Kings and Merchants, and having the option to choose them in Regicide instead of Kings, not a skin option, but the proper unit in order to make everyone see.

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Nobody likes the ideas?

I am fully for this. But the developers see no worth in such a good idea as no money is involved.

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I think that it’s a small implementation that doesn’t require too much investment. Updating the base game, even if it doesn’t provide direct profit, can give indirect earnings. For this specific implementation, it could also give the idea that devs worry about “gender equality” things, which people love so much in this period.

How about having both King AND Queen on regicide map? I just got the King to Queen mod unlocked & the Queen skin for the King Unit still speaks the male King’s lines… Maybe they never recorded any “Queen” unit-specific dialogue for the original & AoC civs, but they could always use the female villagers?

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It’s a meh idea, but i don’t mind it

BTW, I just checked out Prithviraj 3 in the HD edition and Samogitiya used the female villager dialogue.

We need regional skin for Kings, Merchants and Ship Sails for each and every architecture set that doesn’t have them.


It’s not a bad idea, it has few answers only because it is something that was already suggested a lot of times, and a lot of time ago.

It is something that we may expect when the game is running smoothly and the balance is in a good state, since those 2 things take priority.