More Technology

Hi Relic! Can you please add more technology
to the game. I need more ”toys” to play with, i wanna fix more
in my city. Its take to fast to upgrade everything . its to simple and easy way to uppgrade all your buildings and army.
Its a city , and it should be more to do in the cities then just go to war, it must feel like a serious city. Please Relic take this to your

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never mind that most tech actually has very minimal impact on the game, yet another aspect leading to shallow gameplay

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Thats why Relic must make city uppgrades much more
integrated like civ 6.

I don’t think this is the game to go to that extent.

Civ6 is turn based meaning you have all the time in the world to decide, on top of not needing the processing power of a real time game.

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I agree. For an online real time game the amount of tech is fine.

  • The game is resource hungry enough.