More translation / localization spanish error

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  • Build: 101.101.39515.0 5328560
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10

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Wrong camping text in Inca’s camping stage 3.

Game is in “Spanish- Spain”

Just read, text from second tab (Pistas/Clues?) it’s form another mission.

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A couple of errors more in the Spanish translation:

  1. In the Fifth scenario in the Attila campaign, during the intro and the outro, “Catalaunian Fields” are wrongly translated to “Campos Catalanes” when the right translation should be “Campos Cataláunicos”.
    (Link to the wikipedia in Spanish about the battle: Batalla de los Campos Cataláunicos - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre )

  2. The new civilization “Burgundians” is wrongly translated into Spanish as “Borgoñeses”. There are two possible translations, depending on the period of time the name “Burgundian” is referred to. The adjective for the Burgundian kingdom during the Dark age would be “Burgundios”, while the more modern State of Burgundy would use “Borgoñones”.

(Link to the wikipedia in Spanish about the Germanic tribe: Pueblo burgundio - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre )

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