More Unique Hero Graphics?

I noticed that NEW unique graphics for hero unit “Envoy” was added in “34055”

Will there be even more unique graphics for scenario editor in future?

Also the “Heavy Swordsman” from seems to be missing, it only has a DE icon when I checked via AGE tool, is it a bug?

It wood be really cool to get more unique graphics for units such as El Cid who can have a proper mounted/dismounted version like the Konnik and Ivaylo, or Raden Wijaya who looks so odd in his campaign…


bumping the post hoping to catch some attention

Yes, the Pope Leo and Archbishop need some new sprites, as well. Maybe El Cid too considering he has a campaign for him. Robin Hood too!


Thanks for adding new unique graphics to Kushluk and Bayinnaung in the latest update!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Can we please get the full version of this unit?


What do you mean by full version? I mean if you want tp use it in your scenario you can give the name and stats you want so it can be any kind of horseman you need.

it has incomplete animations

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Ooof, it’s indeed a big issue


for this unit only idleB smx exists which is not a part of the actual savaran graphics.

Ok I’m not sure I understand everything, but it means if you play Bukhara the Samaran won’t look the same when they are idle and when they are moving?

Savaran are only using IdleA graphics files while this IdleB file is just some extra remnant file…

So it just means they have only 1 idle animation?

yes they(Savaran) are using only one idle animation

I would really like to see alot of hero’s get better, unique art work. I have so many ideas, just not really adept at modding.

Richard the Lionheart


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Teutonic knights


Indeed the heroes should have historically accurate unit skins,it will add lot of variation to scenarios and will help other modding projects.


We have no archer hero graphics! Wish they can add something to Luu Nhan Chu, Robin Hood, Prithviraj etc…

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We need your Display Icon unit made into something. Some special Chinese units would be welcome.

They have completely removed the smx files of that unit from the game.

What a disaster! :rage: :angry:

How can they do this.