Most Defensive civilization for a beginner HRE vs ENG


I’m starting with AOE4 as a new player. I used to play AOE2 when I was a kid like 20 years ago and I basically can’t remember anything at all. I’m kind of coming back to RTS and I wanted to try AOE4 since is in the gamepass but I have a couple of question regarding HRE and English Civs.

I will start the game this weekend so I don’t want to get that much spoilers on how to play the game an so, I want to discover myself and I’m not even planning to jump into competitive, just chilling but I’ve been looking the available civilizations and based on the descriptions the ones I liked the most are English and HRE.

I saw English is the choice for beginners for many reasons and both are good on defensive playstyle but I can’t find anywhere an opinion about which one is the best in terms of defense which is what I like the most. I prefer infantry and strong buildings, and HRE fits on that but if English has better defense for other reasons + is easier to play with I will choose them, I just cannot find an argument on who has the strongest defense.

Thanks in advance and I hope the game will be fun!


English I would say have the best defense WITH units, HRE without.

English get attackspeed buffs from towers and keeps, so with units they shred.

HRE get gigachad keeps and towers with putting relics in them, and have cheaper defensive upgrades, plus a free repair mechanic.

Hope this helps!


I would choose English. They are easier to play and errors doesn’t cost a game.

As HRE you need to fit to the build order a lot or use prelates good to really get the HRE bonuses properly.

Also if you played AOE2, you will remember the longbows.

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Welcome, I suggest you start with the English. They are the easiest to use. Excellent infantry (the pikemen are already updated and you can use man at arms from the beginning), the best archers and super attack speed buffs under the influence of towers and castles. Discreet economic bonuses such as reduced farm costs with faster gathering speed and practically infinite gold in late game. The only real advice I have to give you… spam villagers, never stop the village center.
For now leave HRE you need a bit more practise with the base mechanics to figure out how to play properly.
If you are not going to play campaigns, play some matches alone without Opponents before play against AI. At easiest diff it’s still a challange for newcomers.
Have Fun


Thanks for all your comments guys! Seems English is the better choice for me, I’ll take the advice and start with them. I’m planning to do the campaign first, don’t even know If you select a faction there, but since I saw is like a real documentary I loved and I want it so see, then I’ll do solo and AI matches like John recommended.

Thanks so much! :smiley:

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