Most effective amount of worker?


I just asking myself what’s the sweet spot for the maximum amount of worker for:

Mine stone and gold
Build up buildings
Worker/Army ratio

Thank you in advance

Well, that depends entirely on what & when you are planning to spend the resources.

If you do not plan on spending stone, sweet spot is 0. If your strategy revolves around having 3 Keeps to block entries into your base, then you will need some. How many? Depends when you want those keeps up.

Your question is extremely loaded and impossible to answer without specific actions you want to do.

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Your question is extremely loaded and impossible to answer without specific actions you want to do.

I agree. But if it helps OP personally I find that anything over 80 villagers cuts into your army too much

To spawn units no stop, you need around 150 villager.

Depends entirely on the civ and your intended strategy.

So best to ask a more specific question targeted for a specific civ.

Like I go 8food/4wood/2gold as rus, cause hunting cabin + hunting gives me enough gold that I can put more on wood/food. I then transfer the 2 gold to stone so I can get 300 for a tc right as I age up.
Then I basically maintain 8food/5wood/5gold and adjust according to the map, because some resources are too far from main tc, so I need to adjust my resources incase of raids and use the market to balance my economy.

If I’m playing against mongols/french I usually build 1 barracks in feudal and make 3-5 spears just in case they cav rush me and focus on fast castle, where I build 2 smiths, 2 range, immediately upgrade range 1/1 and get crossbows/m.arms if they keep harassing me, into a 2-3ram timing push, to give me room to fast imperial for my streltsy/bombard endgame.

Vill count depends entirely on the game, but I aim for around 90-110 vills max. I might go over, If im super booming, but I tend to hover around 95. End game I tend to be around 35food/25wood/35gold/4stone And I just move vills around depending on what I need. I also kill my vills as I start pushing into their base so I can make more army, because I did enough economic damage to them that I can get away with less vills. If they somehow comeback, I might make more vills, but by this point I hover 2kfood/1k wood/2.5kgold and I can pump out 15 streltsy/s and 2 bombards at once.

Like. Just pick one civ and look to master that one civ, cause each civ plays so differently from one another.