Mountain Giant special animation needs more Oomph (retold)

Why will mountain giant special attack be downgraded to a lady slap? Throughout years it has had this amazing looking animation and sound effect, but now theres nothing. It just look terrible and this is an obvious downgrade. Have you guys ever cut wood? You don’t hack wood or buildings like that: You use the weight of the axe/club for optimal results. Like in AoM so far

Fix and make it awesome again. Let the mountain giants use gravity properly.


I totally agree! (recognised that too) I hope he gets an upgraded club as well with his upgrade since now every myth unit gets visible upgrades which is the completely right decision.

I agree, mountaing giant’s special attack against building was amazing in the original game, but in that 10 min Retold gameplay it’s just atrociously bad.

But eventually things will get better (hopefully).