Mountain Pass change suggestion

So mountain pass, as I’m sure you all know is ostensible a map split by cliffs from one side to the other. With an opening or two.

However, as maps go it has an immense flaw in that whoever controls the pass early game is likely to win most of the time as they can more readily break out into the open areas of their enemies territory.

What I would like to see is that that ‘pass’ aspect of the map is made longer so that both teams have a higher chance of containing an early push to dominate the entire thing. Then make the pass wider to avoid it becoming a corridor shooter.

Or any other change that avoids the scenario of losing the pass=gg for most games


This map used to spawn with more passes including some awkward hidden ones and was more unpredictable. People complained so they patched it to always only be one pass. A bit of a shame.

In 1v1 I can agree but in any team games I feel like the pass is actually a bait. You are more exposed when expanding to the pass and trade posts can give you almost the same amount of gold if you start trading on your side. Trade posts are even more useful in 3v3 or 4v4.

I dunno about bait as every random team mate I have never bothers to try and secure the pass or the surrounding area. Then they get salty when the enemy is raiding them lol