Mounted rifleman in trample mode dont attack

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  • GAME BUILD #: Current (Where can I find an ID? If that’s what this asks for…)
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 11

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I tried to use the mercenary MOUNTED RIFLEMAN in trample mode against some archers, but I found out they bug and don’t move at all when switched into that mode´(They even sort of “vibrate” in the spot they are).

I tried it again in another match to check if the issue persisted and it did.

I did see that it doesn’t affect the siege attack though, that works as it should.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Switch the Mounted Rifleman to Trample mode.
  2. Attack move or just attack a unit.
  3. The Rifleman doesn’t move or attack and just stays still in the last spot before step 2.

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The mounted rifleman was expected to deal area damage against the group of units.

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Below you see how they let a group of villagers pass by unharmed.
If you look at some of the Riflemen, you see how they even go horizontally in their pose as they bug out.

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May 9th

I know how to solve it, but with a mod. Anim files for mounted rifleman, both horse and rider, do not have animation for Trample Attack: You just need add this:


<anim>Attack_trample<assetreference type="GrannyAnim">
			<tag type="Attack">0.57</tag>
			<tag type="SpecificSoundSet" checkvisible="1" set="Swoosh">0.46</tag>
		<assetreference type="GrannyAnim">
			<tag type="Attack">0.47</tag>
			<tag type="SpecificSoundSet" checkvisible="1" set="Swoosh">0.41</tag>


<anim>Attack_trample<assetreference type="GrannyAnim">
			<file>animation_library\cavalry\sword_trample attackA</file>
		<assetreference type="GrannyAnim">
			<file>animation_library\cavalry\sword_trample attackB</file>
		<attach a="sword" frombone="bone_sword" tobone="Bip01 Prop1" syncanims="0"/>

somewhere between animations. Those codes are copied from Harquebusier anims, who uses musketheavycavalry.tactics, like Mounted Rifleman