Mounted Samurai Concept art

Mounted Samurai
Samurai units negate incoming damage from any source with a deflective armor charge. Blaze into battle and overwhelm your opponents!

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I do like these concepts, ngl and for most part the units look interesting.

The mechanic sounds like it could be bonkers though, depending on how it works.

The Mechanic is available in the editor.
It is not new, they are just starting to use it now.
It does not have any animation or visual effects.


I think they should be equip with spears (Yari perhaps?) rather than katanas, that ability doesn’t reflect the armor the samurai wears either. They’re rather lightly armored compared to the tanks on western europe, so rather than deflecting damage, they should move faster perhaps, or equip them with Yumis, Samurais are adept at horseback archery after all.

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Very handsome, to be honest, I think it is much more “Japanese style” than the Japanese heavy cavalry shown in the current Empire 4 preview.

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Yes! So my theory was correct, they merged three aspects of uma-yoroi armor: A: Ultralight Mail, B: Dragon Cavalry Helm (Chanfron), C: Cloth and ropes.

Now, since it has a special ability, I want to assume it’s a unique unit. That gives them freedom to choose the stats to balance it, so it will surely have some counter to this very interesting effect. One might wonder, if it activates on charge, if it is stopped by the Longbowmen’s stakes, does the effect deactivate? Only time will tell.

Well, nothing more to say, let’s look forward to the next teaser, this is already the fifth (first on steam, 2nd insiders, 3rd ninjas, 4th landmark, 5th this).


This is official… so this design is coming to the game

I mean the picture in my reply above is very nice.

It is accurate for mounted samurai to use yari, but before yari became popular, mounted samurai would use a type of Japanese sword called tachi.

Simply put, the most obvious difference between tachi and katana is the length and curvature. Generally, the tachi is longer and more curved than the katana, making the former more suitable for use on horseback, while the latter is more suitable for close combat on foot.