Mounted Samurai Design


Its sucks that devs wont do anything about the aesthetics of the mounted samurai they should have atleast correct the swords direction when use.


Japanese mounted cavalries are the worst unit, when it comes to its historical authenticity.
They went fully lazy on this matter

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Weeell, I don’t think that is the worst thing they’ve added when it comes to historical authenticity. That, my friend, is a loooong list.

But, I do think they’re cool despite that. They’re mounted Samurai wielding a Katana and their horse has a little Dragon mask. That’s pretty awesome, and according to the Rule of Cool, it makes up for how inaccurate it is.

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They should patch it up make the naginata for horsemen only and remove it from the mounted samurai and of course the round shield its should be remove as well.