Mouse and Keyboard coming for Xbox - and AoEIV?

Speculation: MS is starting to give devs the option to support mouse and keyboard for Xbox One, see this official blog post: Mouse and Keyboard Support for Xbox One Developers.

So, if AoE IV will be realized then maybe on Xbox, too.

The team has said many times that the home for Age of Empires RTS games is on PC and they feel that is where it should stay.


Yes but if Microsoft gonna release keyboard and mouse support soon, I think we will see all microsoft games as crossplay between PC and Xbox

“All” is a broad term. While this may be true for some games I’m certain it will not be for Age of Empires RTS games like AoE IV. Mouse and keyboard support is probably evaluated for each game on a case by case basis.

They have officially stated that AoE4 is developed for PC only when confronted with the same “Xbox + keyboard and mouse” question. End of story.


Halo Wars 2 is crossplay and it works really well on both platforms. I think AoE4 can be crossplay too

Maybe, but since AoE4 is a much bigger game and aims much higher in quality, I’m happy they are concentrating all their efforts developing it for the PC platform only.


AOE Fan point of view: I hope XBOX doesn’t get AOE IV since it roots belong to PC. The interface would change because if this.

From MS point of view: It needs to be on XBox to seal future of this franchise.

From XBOX Gamer Point of view: We need ‘better’ games. (PS4 games shite too, mechanically speaking)

So you can pick category, I am fine with any.


Well, good thing we have AoE fans on the project.

If this keyboard and mouse thing happens in time, I would not be surprised to see AoE4 ported over to xbox. Seems like it would make sense for everybody.

They have got many games that can use mouse and keyboards that doesn’t mean our AGEIV will be in XBOX. And I agree @NormChanger if it does comes to Xbox then PC control interface/design would be different, as if it was built for the controllers (which I can’t stand, I hate when I see a huge circle and 4 keys on my screen). But whatever happens, make it mandatory for Xbox players to use mouse and keyboard so we can all have same PC CENTRIC control interface.

AOE4 doesn’t need to have indentical interface in PC and Xbox versions.
Console versions could have mutliple tweaks. Overwatch is good example as to how one game can be made to different platforms with different in game balance and interface without angrying either side of the players.

Looking at the weak exclusives that xbox has AOE 4 is likely coming to both PC and Xbox.

The thing is, their game is narrow. It is a multiplayer only game, there is only enough content they have to deal with and can provide. I don’t want to bash how multiplayer only games have no content, so I am pretty sure rather than creating more content, they just made a separate port for PC, which I am pretty sure Activision-blizzard knows how to utilize its people and budget.