Mouse Hotkeys

Hey Guys,
I recently started aoe IV and wanted to put some Hotkeys to my my mouse, because im used to have some there.
When im in the settings the Game lets me put them there but when im playing theyre not working. There are no issues with regular (non-mouse) Hotkeys.
Do you have any tips how to make them Work?
Thanks in advance!

I have some mouse hotkeys that work. I put “select all towncenters” on mouse key 5 (I can recommend) and “select idle villager” on mouse key 4 - that does work.
But tried Ctrl + mouse key 3 for “select all idle villagers on the screen” (kind of unlogic that I chose that, now that I think about it) and the settings accept that - but it does not work in the game.

I’ve read about a suggestion on an older thread here that you could use a program of your mouse manufacturer (if available) to set a hotkey there - but I didn’t try that

All computers recognize only two external mouse buttons, button 4 and button 5, if you want to use the other buttons you must link your mouse to a key on the keyboard.