Mouse randomly desappear

Just read the title, my pointer randomly doesn’t show during gameplay I disabled AMD overlay in game and nothing change, I will do the same steam or discord. If anyone fixed this I’ll be thankful.

Are you on the optional driver release? I had this same issue with one of the most recent AMD driver releases, and it was resolved by reverting back to the previous driver package.

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Yes im on the latest but i cant go back cuz im playing spiderman and its optimiced for it :frowning:

That sucks. optional drivers are sometimes a gamble.

hope it gets worked out.

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I replicated the same issue. It seems to be caused by click in the minimap :frowning: (edit) its happening in main menus :frowning:

Any dev can watch this problem please?, i keep this issue and its so annoying. I have to tab then the mouse tracker appear again. Im participating in an amateur tournament…

Sounds like this advice is your best bet for now. However, if you are able to contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file the team can investigate.

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yes im on that optional gpu driver so thanks. You can end this thread :smiley: