Mouse Sensitivity

Hi guys.
Anyone know if the team is working on adding a sensitivity setting or slider?
Do you think they should?
Personally I would enjoy it as I think the one i preferably use for windows do not fit the quick movements that are optimal to play a RTS game.
Lemme know what you think!
B.R. Fondis

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Pretty sure it uses the same speed/DPI I set my gaming mouse to.
If you have no mouse with software to adjust the DPI, you could change the pointer speed in Settings>Devices>Mouse>Additional Mouse Options (on the Right).

But you should probably spend a coupe bucks to get a gaming mouse instead and never touch those settings. [cause setting this in Windows makes it more imprecise for reasons I’m too tired to remember or properly explain]
Or if you already have a decent mouse, see if there’s software for it to download.
If you buy anything from Logitech, Razor, Roccat or [insert brand] you should be able to get profiles set up to automatically recognize the game you’re playing and switch back and forth in speed settings.

I honestly think that a game never should have a mouse sensitivity slider, because it’s too confusing and probably a bad idea to touch it. (same reason you’re not supposed to touch the windows built-in slider)

I had not thought about profiles actually since I never used them before.
Will look into that.