Mouse that moves alone

Hi. I have a problem (I did not have it yesterday) when I launch the game, my mouse is constantly moving in the top left. So it’s impossible for me to play.

If you know how to fix it, I would be delighted ^^

Edit: I have the same problem on 2 HD

Does it happen in other games? Did you try to update your mouse driver? Does using other mouse fix the problem?

Only on AoE 2 DE and HD. I launched the 3 to make sure it wasn’t all full screen. And it does nothing, ditto for other games. So it’s good that on AoE 2

If I read properly, certain people had this problem by pressing alt+tab and it would have been fixed by restarting the game. I tried but the problem was still there.

I restarted my computer and It was fixed. I should have thought about it a lot sooner :confused: