Move on pause

Can you please please please let us look around the map while the game is paused. it makes no sence why we cannot do anything while paused…

i play a lot with friends that have kids, we do BF AI ext

sometimes a kid starts crying or something and why cant the rest just look around and discuss our next step in peace…

please please please

you can do this in games against the AI, i think it’s locked in multiplayer games for competitive reasons. maybe this can be added as an option in the lobby?
try to see if something like ‘allow cheats’ in the lobby enables this, but just a guess


In singleplayer, F3, P and the pause button all toggle the active pause.

I triggered it by accident (bad habits) in unranked multiplayer games so I guess it’s only disabled for ranked games.

no, you can still pause in ranked games (unranked as well, i think), but you can’t move the camera or issue commands when paused

That’s why I said “active pause”, not the “I need to loot the fridge” pause. I use it all the time when I play singleplayer.

The active component is disabled in ranked games.

ah sorry. i misunderstood you

Yes I think sadly if we could move the camera while paused in multiplayer people would use it to play the game more competitively not just because you’re bored while someone else is away.

In essence using your 10 pauses becomes a gameplay mechanic.


Well i see the topic at least gave some discussion so i think it might be viable for me to clarify my point.

  • I think that for competitive play pause is oke to freeze everything, just to prevent unfair advantages. (or allow everyone to move except the one that paused…you pause your problem…)

  • The unrankend lobby or when an AI player is involved should not have a freeze one pause, it is NOT competitive, it is for FUN, for old people like me with a job and kids just trying to relax a bit…

i hope that microsoft has at least one programmer that is capable of making a pause work differint on the competitive ladder and on the casual chillax non ladder lobby.

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If you pause in single player, you can also control villagers and units while it’s paused, so you can set up an infinite number of actions then all those villagers and units will do them when you unpause. Obviously in a multiplayer game that would be completely broken. They would have to write a different script for ranked games which allows you to look around and flare the map etc., but doesn’t allow any control of units or task queues.