Movement Speed - Is it intended for it to be limited to about 2.00 tiles per second in game, despite what the unit card says

While there are limited times where units can move at faster than 2.00 tiles per second, these situations give units more than 2.00 tiles per second movement speed:

Chinese Yuan Dynasty 15% movement speed:
Horseman: 2.16 tiles per second

Delhi Sultanate Forced March x2 movement speed:
Archer: 2.5 tiles per second
Crossbow: 2.25 tiles per second
Handcannoneer: 2.25 tiles per second
Spearman: 2.5 tiles per second
Man at Arms: 2.25 tiles per second

Mongols Yam Network 15% movement speed:
Horseman: 2.16 tiles per second

Mongols Khan 33% Movement Speed Signal Arrow:
Khan: 2.16 tiles per second
Scout: 2.16 tiles per second
Horseman: 2.5 tiles per second
Knight: 2.16 tiles per second
Mangudai: 2.16 tiles per second

Mongols Yam Network 15% + Khan 33% Movement Speed Signal Arrow:
Khan: 2.49 tiles per second
Scout: 2.49 tiles per second
Horseman: 2.88 tiles per second
Knight: 2.49 tiles per second
Mangudai: 2.49 tiles per second

Is it intended that the real movement speed is limited to about 2.00 or is it not intended, since the unit cards on the units show the above movement speeds.

Personally, it makes the cavalry potential of the Khan Movement Speed Arrow somewhat underwhelming, and I would like to see the potential. Although, it could very well be too strong, I can’t know unless it’s in the live game.

Forced March feels good because it feels like a big speed boost compared to their normal movement speed, even if they aren’t as fast as the unit card says, but with Mongols cavalry, it’s a minor or negligible difference.

As for the “bug”, the unit card showing 2.50 and the actual movement being 2.00 is unclear, and could be made consistent or explained descriptively that it is “capped” essentially. Maybe show “2.50 Tiles/s (2.00 max)” or “2.50 Tiles/s (2.00 cap)”. Or maybe just show “2.00 Tiles/s | Max” so it doesn’t have two numbers.

@CrackingMusic84 are you saying that all units with a unit speed above 2.00 always move exactly at 2.00?

I do know that the Khan’s Maneuver Arrow has a bug in it—can’t remember if it’s an incorrect label or if the actual value is incorrect—but it will be fixed.

Yes, any unit with a movement speed above about 2.00 (according to the unit information card) will move (be “capped”) at approximately 2.00 tiles per second. It’s hard to say what speed exactly is the cap, but it is about 2.00.

Best way to test:

  • Start up as Delhi
  • Upgrade Forced March (+100% (double) movement speed for 10 seconds)
  • Make a Horseman (1.88 Tiles per second)
  • Make a Spearman (1.25 → 2.50 Tiles per second with Forced March)
  • Make a Man at Arms (1.12 → 2.25 Tiles per second with Forced March)

Now have them run a 10 second “race” (with Forced March as the 10 second timer for the infantry) to see who wins and by how much.
Don’t move them together as single army, as they will move at the slowest units speed.
I have the Spearman or Man at Arms wait and prepare a Horseman to run close by and past them, and when the Horseman “lines up” with the Spearman or Man at Arms, I activate Forced March and have them run side by side in a race.

You will find:

  • Spearman vs Man at Arms: Tie (therefore, they move at the same “capped” speed, but how fast?)
  • Horseman vs [Spearman or Man at Arms]: Spearman or Man at Arms will both win, and the margin that they win by (at the end of the 10 second period of Forced March) is about 1.5 tiles, but let’s give that a range of 1-2 tiles margin of winning.

That means the Spearman and Man at Arms were moving between 1.98 and 2.08 Tiles per second, since they created a distance of 1-2 Tiles between them and the Horseman over the course of 10 seconds. So between (1 Tile / 10 seconds = 0.1 Tiles per second) faster and (2 Tiles / 10 seconds = 0.2 Tiles per second) faster than a Horseman.

Again, I can’t say it is exactly a 2.00 cap, but it is around that fast.

Also, yeah the Khan Movement Speed Signal Arrow says +0.5 Tiles per second as the buff in the tooltip, but it is actually 33% (shown in affected unit card as a buff).

Thank you @CrackingMusic84! Really appreciate the attention to detail in your report. The team will check it out!