MP-Matchmaking Suggestion: Make party-members play on same side in mixed teams

TL,DR: when queueing as 2 person party for 4v4/3v3, please make the original Party play on the same side (pkt+flank)

Small parties will more often want to play 3v3/4v4 too, so more players in Matchmaking.
People have more fun playing on same side with friends.

Takes time to implement.
No more terrible but hilarious fails of your unknown teammate right in front of your eyes

Make a 80% successful system, f.e loading the parties into the lobby with 1-2sec delay and just hope they get teamed.

Wouldn’t that put solo-Qers in way more disadvantage?

why would it?
pls make a point if youre gonna suggest there is a disadvantage…
As solo queueer everything will stay the same.

Furthermore it would even improve the rating accuracy, because f.e. 80% of my games are premade 4v4 so my rating is adjusted to having teammates on voice with me. If i suddenly have no communication you can easily take away 100 elo points from my rating and hence making the game unbalanced.

I agree that it would be very nice to be assigned positions on the same side when playing a 3v3/4v4 as a party of two. Since especially 4v4 games usually turn into two 2v2 (one on each side) at my elo, it otherwise often feels like not playing with my pre-made teammate at all.

I don’t see what you mean by “Make an 80% successful system” though.