MP3 DMO decoder error no music playing

When i launch the game it shows me a tab that says that cant find MP3 DMO decoder, and in game i only can hear the voices of the units, and the clicks on the tabs nothing more, no music, i already installed k-lite last codecs, vlc codecs, and all sort of codec pack, but still with the same issue, also reinstalled the game and have the same issue.
With all other games i dont have any sound problems so dont know what it might be, im playing on steam platform.

Hey there @Arngrim560,

Can you please try reinstalling the Windows Media Features Pack? Steps are on this article. Thanks!


Thank you very much, it worked for me, i installed all the media features, was searching by myself but i couldnt find those links, thanks really :).

I am having the same issue, but when i go to install the windows media feature pack it is giving me an error that the update is not applicable on my computer. I checked and am running windows 10 pro N so i’m not sure what else i can do.

I had the same issue first of all you need to know exactly what version of windows you have, for that press the windows key + R and write winver (in my case was windows 10 N pro 2004 version) there you can see the version of your windows 10, after that in this page you need to go to the link in the quote that says
" Select your version of Windows from the dropdown list below. If your version does not appear in the list, please go to KB3145500 to find the appropriate Media Feature Pack for your version of Windows." the link is select your version of windows and install it.

worked like a charm thanks for the help.

Im glad to help friend, enjoy the game!