MS Store chat send/receive issues


I play thru xbox app.

Since latest update (7.0.5861.0) I can’t chat anymore.
I receive all chat messages and invite to join group.
I can write but nobody see what I write in lobby, or in game.
I try to invite but nobody see my invite.

Sometimes I got error 6 and 4100 or 4101

AOE4 7.0.5861.0
Xbox game 2306.1001.16.0
Game service 12.77.3001.0
Xbox Game Bar 5.822.11281.0

Thank you for your attention

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I have xbox and steam both with 2 AOE4. I find out my friend cant send messages for me when i use Xbox account. could you please fix it as soon as possible.

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I wont buy anygame at xbox anymore, it has too much bug.

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Thank you for reporting all! We will check into this as soon as we can.

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