Much lags if we destroy buildings

Hey, i have much lags. I have a better PC then my wife but she have no lags.
My wife use a gaming notebook with i7 2,8Ghz, 16GB DDR4 RAM and GTX970M 6GB.

My System (desktop):
Intel i7-4790K CPU 4x 4.00GHz
16GB DDR3 (4x 4GB)
Geforce GTX1080TI 11GB (GameRock)
500GB Samsung EVO SSD
Windows 10 Pro

Most lags are if we destroy buildings.
latest nvidia drivers installed!

Here is a (lag) video: Age of Empires IV **Lags** - YouTube

i testet all recommendet settings on support site and some other websites and videos.

can anybody help me?

EDIT// I currently have all settings on low. sometimes i get a notification (ingame) that i have FPS problems and should change my settings.


Your CPU is about a decade old. Your wife’s 970M suggests that her CPU, while clocked lower, is probably a few generations newer.

I’m playing on a desktop i5-6500, and my wife uses my laptop with i7-9750. I sometimes get the “low FPS” warning, but she never does. I think when that happens, the CPU is overtaxed trying to handle a large number of units. Maybe there’s some optimization added in the 7xxx/8xxx generation that helps with the problem?

Hey @KingStylesDE! You might want to contact support with a summation of your issue and your DxDiag and any Crash Logs.

I did… but yesterday i ordered new cpu board and ram. I hope that solves the problem (intel i7 12700K alder Lake, 32GB DDR4-3600 Ram)

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