Mule cart tanks archer shots

So, I am not sure intented this or not, but you can use them as meatshield for your units.In PUP ai consider them units,so using patrol or attack move around them is a bad idea.I think its kinda huge considering you need rams or other units that takes pop space to have same functionality

At the same time, they take anti-building damage, so if the enemy uses actual rams, or is using mangonels, they’re going to absolutely melt. They can definitely be great as a no pop arrow shield, but they also won’t stay on the field as long as some other things.


Well,rams also gets shredded by mangoes or other units that good against buildings.On top of taking 0 pop space,mules are much faster,avaible in feudal,doesnt need any building for production and costs no gold.Only thing rams are better is taking down buildings

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for comparasion, this is attack move behavior around regular buildings


That’s huge and very easy to abuse at high level then, needs a change for sure.


I think it’s probably a bit too much, but suffice to say I am sickly curious to watch high level players get a chance to abuse this potentially.

could be convinced either way.