Multi-monitor/tablet support for mini-map, chat, stats etc

Just day-dreaming here but wouldn’t it be nice to either be able to stretch the screen on more monitors or to place a more detailed mini-map on a different screen? I use to do that when I play Battlefield 4, I play with the mini-map on my tablet or sometimes on a second big screen (while you are playing you just log into a thing called Battlelog through a browser with any device you want and play the live mini-map from that).
I know Company of Heroes 1 had a more detailed mini-map which went full screen when you pressed Num 0 and you could see way more information on it, but you weren’t able to place that on a second screen.

Of course you should be able to customize more stuff on the second screen, like technology screen, full chat, statistics etc.

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That’s a really cool idea. This would probably be a lot of work for them to implement, but if they had the resources to do it, I think they should.