Multi-track Drafting (Multi-queue Matchmaking)

Queuing has gotten more complicated over time with the addition of unranked matchmaking splitting the player base. The choice of Random Map, Empire Wars, and Battle Royale in the unranked queue further exacerbate the issue. I recommend allowing users to queue for multiple modes. For example, a player might want to play either Empire Wars or Battle Royale, but they don’t actually care which. In this case, the player could select both. With such a system, the developers could be free to get more creative adding lots of additional game types, and the match making system could remain viable for less popular game modes.


This is a good idea. There are many times I just want to play and it doesnt matter if its ranked i or quick play i just want a game.

Quick play is a big failure of the devs in my opinion. I already expected this when they announced the feature. Quick play is just the same as ranked, but with some different game modes and without balanced games. That last part is just killing quick play. Games are always unbalanced, so it is not fun to play. You are better off with joining ranked for RM. If you want to play EW or BR, then it is easier to just go to the lobby and make your own balanced teams. Quick play was meant to be the quickest way to get into a game, but it turned out to be the slowest way to get into a game.

The best solution (in my opinion) is therefore to just delete quick play from the game and add EW to the ranked queue. I do think there is a player base for this game mode, based on the Redbull tournaments. Also the devs seems to want to push this game mode as well by placing it into quick play.

Maybe we can also add BR to ranked, but i feel like there isnt really a large enough player base who want to play BR. The main reason to still add BR to ranked is because the devs like to push there new game mode.

In ranked you can already sign up for all different game modes at the same times. Currently it is already possible to sign up for RM and DM in ranked. So your solution is already part of the game for ranked.

Less different modes to play MP (Ranked, quick play, lobby) also means less division of the player base over different queues. So deleting QP will also have this benefit to the game as weel.

In the end i dont think your idea is a good reason to add lots of additional game types. A queue only works if the player base is sufficient enough. For a small niche game mode a queue would never work. Such games can still be played in the lobby.

:+1:t2::ok_hand:t2: yes exactly! Just make it a mix matchmaking for all unranked queue

The unranked ELO is even more broken then the teamgame ELO. Combine that with quickplays quick matchmaking (instead of a longer searched for similarly ranked opponents) let’s much to be desired.

In my opinion the “quickplay” should be renamed to “causal” and the matchmaking should consider your 1v1 and TG ELO to find more balanced matches.

Another Option would be to use a completely different rating system instead of ELO. Perhaps one with ranks and rank resets at the end of the month. (Consider a system like that used in Hearthstone).

Wins and losses in other gamemodes like Battle Royal really need their own system…

Just to make things even worse: Quick play dont even use unranked elo for its matches. It uses no elo at all.

What would be the difference between causal and ranked? I dont see a difference. Seem to me that both are exactly the same in your suggestion. Splitting the 1v1 ranked queue in two identically queues makes no sense to me. Same is true for team games.

I would even consider changing the name of ranked to match making, so it sounds a little bit more causal.

So the only difference between quick play and ranked is that they use a different rating system, but everything else would be the same? If different ladders has a different rating system, then that sounds confusing to me. It also make comparing ratings between ladders pretty difficult as well. So i am not really a fan of introducing a new rating system just for a unranked game mode. Quick play is designed to be unranked (which is the biggest flaw in my opinion, while fixing this flaw will result in just creating ranked).

That is why i suggest to put EW and maybe BR in ranked. In ranked each game mode has his own ladder. This change will add 3 new ratings: EW 1v1, EW TGs and BR as new ladders. This way you can play against equally skilled players for these new game modes.