Multiplayer 30 minutes - disconnect

I’m having an issue trying to play with my friends. No lag, nice connection, but in 30 minutes in a multiplayer match i’m beeing disconected from the game, and there’s no how to come back again.

I tried desativated antivirus and firewall, but the issue just continues on every match.

My friends aren’t having problems at all, it appears to be just on my computer.

I was really waiting the release to play this game and now i jus can’t play, i really wanna se this problem solved.


Are you connected through wired or wireless connection?

Having the same issue, sometimes take longer and sometimes at 5 minutes tha game prints a message of lost connection but the internet is working fine.

I dont have any problem with other multiplayer games, and even age 2 hd works just fine.

It seems that if you get some lag, dhcp release or lost of packets the game just disconnect you, even the older versions of age had a window for when the lag goes up you chose what to do and as last resource disconnect the player…

I hope that the dev team give a very good look at this because i dont finish one game until the end.

*Sry about my english.

Wired. I don’t have any connection problems with other multiplayer games at all, like Dota 2, CS:go, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Killing Floor 2…

The same for me… I had disconnections in 1 hour playing and 5 minutes, but the sure is: soon or later it happens on every multiplayer match.

As the Steam and Store version are not in sync at the moment I can only suspect that they are still working really hard on numerous issues regarding their new MP platform in general.

@Poshi1 I’m that old that I can recognize Warcraft Frozen Throne in it and i love Lich. :gin:

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I have the same problem, i hav a test of conection working when i play… the conection still ok and the game sends me a msg “disconected, check ur conection” some like that…
I play with my friends on discord, and the voice of everyone still fine for me, so is not a conection issue, is something on the game
I was playing since the Beta and played all days since the launch, this problems started today (20 nov).
If u guys hav some solution plz let me now, thanks

BY the way, i hav a wired conection

I am having the same problem. Doesn’t happen every game but has happened about 3-4 times now. Sometimes I’ll be 30 minutes in, others I’ll be an hour. I’ve lost 3 ranked matches now because of this. Super frustrating. Game is running perfectly fine before it abruptly crashes. Can’t even trust playing MP right now

i lost like 9 since yesterday… before that never happens… today is the same

we should start a class action against Microsoft, I remember this is a full release.

I’m sharing the same issues as all of you and my internet connection has no problems as well, it started happening before their last update though, super strange :frowning:

same here… today every single game has been ■■■■■■ by at least a disconnection, either mine or other players

When will this be fixed? Im dropping every other game still.

Still having this problem after all this years,
regardless LAN or MULTIPLAYER game, 30m-1h tops

I have raised the issue with Microsoft, never heard from them.