Multiplayer compatible mod causes out of sync error

I made a local mod containing only 2 edited .xml files to change French Settlers to female like the [Female coureur des bois] mod did, but replace the skin of female villager with Métis Voyageurs ( = female villagers of native american with a hat) skin. The mod has multiplayer compatible label but still cause out of sync error in actual multiplayer games.

So even with multiplayer compatible label I can’t make sure the mod is 100% safe? Is this a bug?

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Would love to get some insight on this issue as well, been troubleshooting my mod since release.
The multiplayer compatible label showed up but every game or two it resulted in Out of Sync error.

Does the mod change any animations? That seems to be a cause for out of sync according to other posts I’ve seen.


My mod used to do that, but the latest version all have vanilla unmodified animation.
The thing with out-of-sync error caused by modification to animation is that it usually happens immediately on game start or when the unit with custom animation was created and started attacking.
For my cases as of late right now it usually happen when AI advance in age.
I wish I knew more but it’s been difficult to test since the condition are not always present.
I have had several games completed normally with my friends even when they don’t have my mods installed.
But I’d say 70% of the time it resulted in out-of-sync issues.

In the latest Update 13.58326 it still causes out of sync errors.

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Currently only text and texture mods seem to be safe in multiplayer mode?
And I don’t want to waste other people’s time. Is there any way to test whether the mod can be applied to multiplayer mode in single player mode?

Out of sync can’t happen in Singleplayer. Because the game has no counterpart to synchronize with

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No one can test it for me.
For now the only way to test is to play a multiplayer game and see if out of sync error happen. But I don’t want to waste other people’s precious time and feel sorry for them. I hope the multiplayer compatible label can be fixed so I can 100% sure that I can use the mod in multiplayer games without affecting other people.