Multiplayer - crashes - no reconnect possibility (?)

I’m pissed to the max once again. I play with someone against bots (hard.) The game just crashes halfway and turns off (I have a pretty good computer). Okay, it’s not the end of the world. But why the online mutliplayer game can’t be reconnected to the game?

A while ago (a week) the game crashed on saves. I checked the game files for consistency several times and restarted the computer. Over. Now the game just turned off itself during “normal activity”.

Even if there is a failure, it is 20-30 seconds,
restart and reload the game and you can continue playing, but not. We cannot join the game again because it is not possible. After the II / III era of building the economy and the initial army, the game crashes, it automatically ends for us and we lose everything. Our game is over.
All the time spent evaporates. I’m sick of this.