Multiplayer game becomes unplayable (rubber-banding, input latency, etc)

We tried 4 humans VS 3 AIs (DE) over the Internet yesterday and unit movement became choppy on my end, despite FPS barely dropping below 150 (165 max). The guy who started the lobby had real FPS issues though, it seems, even though his PC is pretty good. This always happens anyways.

I tried playing against 7 AIs (Extrem) both in single player and multiplayer (LAN server or Western Europe, doesn’t matter) and was able to reproduce the issue. I’ve made a replay where I concede immediately and then mostly watch a really boring corner of the map while also putting my current FPS in chat (rigged up a thing, not perfect).

It starts going way down at around 20 minutes ingame time and never really recovers, even when only 3 AIs are left standing. Meanwhile, my system (Ryzen 3700X, 16GB RAM, Win 10 on SSD) is mostly idle.

Seems like there is a bottle neck in multiplayer matches that doesn’t exist, or isn’t as bad in single player. The issue does not appear to be related to the dedicated MP servers.

Replay download:

Changing AI to the CD version makes it better, but I suspect that’s only because it doesn’t do as much. Still dropped to below 60 in MP.

I’ve also done another test with a pre-made map containing only 200 Elite Chu Ko Nu and some towers for 8 players. FPS are fine on that, MP and SP.


They don’t care about our problem. The pro and elite players can play it? Yes, so the money is guaranteed. Don’t bother yourself with posting all your PC specs and reproduction steps. THEY DO KNOW that this game has a lot of bugs in MP and also they have the cinism to blame the hardware. I wonder if they have an effective QA/Testing team, is just a matter of create a MP match to realize the terrible lag, I mean, we need just 2 people to test it, oh, but you know what? It’s Microsoft, the same as Ubisoft, Activision and Blizzard, just money man!


My brother has the exact same issue. No matter what game, it rubber bands every 15 seconds for 10 seconds or so. Please make this fix a priority, we cannot play anymore at all.

Regards, Max

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I can’t believe they haven’t fixed this yet.

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They never optimized anything and use inexperienced coders. Add some poor management on top and you have a recipe for disaster. That’s why this game has so many issues that still persist to this day. Don’t buy.

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is this still happening with the new patch?

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Yes it is. It will never be fixed.


This started for me this patch. Often times in team games I’ll get something that tells me Im reconnecting to the game.


Any word on when this will be fixed? I don’t see it as a ‘known issue’ but it’s all over this board. Does anyone have a work around?

I mostly play 3v3 and 4v4 ranked games, some games I have the same problem and some don’t, clearly it’s an issue not on my end.


Still practically unplayable if anyone can help


all times drops ve stupid trade carts big fail…

I fixed it by bying a new router. I had a ■■■■■■ one from my ISP and bought a fritzbox instead. No issues like that anymore after that. I think it has to do with package loss. So if you are using wifi or a bad router try to stabilize your internet by either going cable or exchanging a router.

It’s now November. No better. No fixes.

I am using cable and have a $300 router?

I honestly think this is a coding issue with high-end PCs.

The game doesn’t work well on very high-end PCs due to its 20 year programming…

The game is extremely laggy on a notebook I bought in 2018, the original game with userpatch works perfectly here, sadly I have to beg for game performance to be fixed here because the game community plays DE instead of userpatch.

that tells little about it. a notebook purchased in 2018 could be made in 2000, an extreme of an example but you get my point.

may as well just tell us the specs, and make sure game is running at said spec with monitoring tool. those would do wonders and can figure out where issue is from the game or your hardware almost right away.

Closing out thread due to the age of the post. If you are experiencing latency-related or lag issues, it is recommended that you search the knowledgebase for solutions before reaching out to the support team with a copy of your dxdiag:

They should be able to help you one-on-one to dig into the issue, identify workarounds, or escalate more severe issues directly to the development team.

I hope that helps, and thank everyone for taking the time to post!