Multiplayer - ID X-Box disconnection

Game Version:

  • Build: Last update
  • Platform: Microsoft Store
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: IlMessia


Almost 50% of the matches in multiplayer I’m experiencing this frustrating problem: suddenly after a random time (could be either 5 minutes or a hour or so), apparently randomly I get disconnected. The games kicks me to the main menu showing the following message:

I noticed that my wi-fi connection changes to the icon below: (photo1)

It says “no internet available”.

Actually within the game I have no more connection to my X-Box live ID.
Nothing affects the wi-fi itself, since I can in the meanwhile use it on my mobile or other devices so the problem must be related just to the computer under this circumstances.

As soon as I return to windows and open a web browser just to check the connection, it works fine as usual. In a second the Wi-Fi icon is back and I am able to reconnect to my X-Box live ID and play again

Unfortunately at that point any multiplayer game is gone
The only safe way I have is to play vs friends and keep saving so then I can reload.
It prevents me from playing multiplayer games with the communitiy though.

Any help/idea/suggetions?

Thanks in advance

This is the icon my wi fi switches into