Multiplayer is a mess

  • Only half of my ranked games are actually counted in the stats, even after 24h.
  • Leaderboard doesn’t work, only shows half of the pages.
  • Not possible to search by name.
  • No overview of previous games.
  • Opponent rank does not show when matched.

How is this possible? I was hoping to be able to finally play this game competitively with a good ranking system, but I guess even after 15 years they are not able to make this work.


i dont like that multiplayer page refreshes so quickly you cant even scroll down.
also i can look matches by name, but it is bugged because doesnt work with everyone.

The competitive system is good. Why not report the bug instead of complaining?

Your overview of previous games is in Recorded Games when you click “Record game”

Opponent exact rank doesn’t matter, that’s what ELO is, if someone is 1 point higher than you in ELO doesn’t mean they’re “GODLIKE” players, they’re just 1 point higher.

It gives you a very similar ranking player that will give you a challenge and that’s what matters. (I’ve hit 1200 and got 1200s), I’ve been 1100 and get all 1100s.

If you want to discuss then let’s. I’ve had one crash (from not updating my drivers), I see plenty of games being played successfully.

This sounds like nit picking (since doesn’t happen to most) or you’re salty about something saying “finally play this game competitively with a good ranking system”, that’s what haters & salty players say.

They give you a player, you rank up, you play, that’s it.

Also, leaderboards & not searching up a player makes the game unplayable for you? That’s very sad to hear. Maybe you don’t like the game? Anybody who was hype for AoE3 is not going to nitpick things and complain. They’ll just report it to Bug Report section and that’s it.

Thats not really a overview. Why not just implement a page where the last games are listed and you can view the game stats again (there are so many ppl who actually love stats^^)

“Multiplayer is a mess” is kinda correct. There are so many points all over the forum here. Not really bugs but something what a good multiplayer mode should have. It just feels like they stopped developing in the middle :frowning:
I not really liked the multiplayer ui/lobby in AoE3 but in AoE3 DE it is even worse. There are some good additions (like the no block option for treaty) but is it thought-out? No it is not…you can not see anywhere (not in the game browser nor in the game lobby itself that the game is hosted with no block). And are these missing things bugs? Do not think so…

Oh not talking about the gameplay or the ranking system here. Thats maybe fine…but if you wont find the right games then gameplay is secondary^^

ranks for custom games arn’t in the game ATM either…

Yes, there’s an overview page already after your recorded games. Look back at the recorded game and see your overview.

This title and post seems like complaining, more than discussion. You’ve made up your mind that you hate the game, cool.

ive reported that recorded games are overwritten instead of creating another file

ive reported bug of winning and losing doesnt count on most times

im not sure if matchmaking system give me a very similar ranking player, but as winning doesnt count anymore ive played with bad players lately.

matchmaking games sometimes crashes (ive reported this)

i dont know why leaderboard browsing is not fixed (ive reported this.

if we complain is because defitnevely we dont like the game as it is right now. And these are not nitpicks, this things are really important.

People is tired of playing 40 minutes, action start and the game crash (we have reported these for a week)

Hotfix doesnt include any of this - the only thing hotfix says is that they are working on bugs. Well, see you on game until you fix it, because ive reported any bug on the game.