Multiplayer is unplayable (AGAIN)

Everytime I think that patches have fixed some long-known issues, new problems arise. I don’t know - it can’t be that difficult to provide a proper functional multiplayer-mode (other platforms - voobly - were able to do so with so much less money).

Nearly every multiplayer-game (ranked) goes out of sync, someone drops, game doesn’t even start because of disconnect and so and so an. And the worst part is, that you even lose points for someone else going out of sync. Happened to me now three games in a row. A restore function is also not available - seriously: what are the devs doing?


Seems like you are quiet unlucky:

  • No out of syncs
  • Just once i had a player randomly dropping.
  • Maybe 2-3 times a game wont start. But i think this is just a player exiting the game. I dont think you can really blame the devs for this.

He’s not just “unlucky”, I’ve seen so many people in the forums, various discords, twitch chats etc. saying they are unable to play multiplayer. You being able to play fine doesn’t change the fact that 100s others can’t.

Stability should always be the developers’ biggest priority - what’s the point in fancy event stuff when people can’t play the game that they paid for?


Oh, i wont disagree with this. I really dont care at all about the event stuff. Stability needs to be #1. No doubt.

Problem with just looking at the respons is that players without issues wont really reply. Let’s give an example: There are 100 players, 5 has issues. Than you only heard those 5 players. You dont really hear much from the 95 others. Just looking at the number of complains is not really a good measurement.

Again: Stability must be #1 priority for the devs. Even if it is just a small number of players that has issues. So yeah, devs needs to fix it.

But these 5 will be in games with others. My Laptop just froze in like 4 out of 5 games in the past. Completely frozen, no task manager opening, no response at all. So I destroyed a match for 5 other players as well, because they now have a 2v3 after my drop…

It is just sad how bad the stability of this game is

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Also I’ve had a lot of trouble with people being afk for the 5-10 starting minutes of the game. They probably queue and forget about the game. And make the rest of their team auto lose. We really need a Working I’m Ready button. We currently have a ready button, but it is actually useless in the sense that the game starts even if some people didnt press the Ready button. The way I feel it needs to be like is: Those who don’t press the ready button after 60 seconds should get a small punishment, and the game should not even start.

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4 vs 4 is in a terrible place right now. Haven’t had that much problem with the rest (except for the frozen screen. That keeps happening)

The 5 people may be a minority, but they paid for the game just like the other 95, and they deserve to be able to play it. You don’t hear much from the other 95 because a functional, stable game is what’s expected. Whether it’s 10% or 0.01% of people having these issues, the current attitude from the devs of “oh we’ll just wait another month, hopefully it’ll get fixed then” is completely unacceptable.

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i average about 4-5 ranked games a day. every day at least one person will drop within a short time frame with zero combat(meaning game issues), I will get about 4 failed to start matches (in the lobby they just drop out) and probably every 2nd day there will be at least one afk…

i dont think the “5%” are experiencing issues… i think that number is a lot higher…


The dropping is ridiculous… Also the matchmaking is so broken I’ve barely had any games where they were close. Always seems one sided.


I actually took 4v4 off of my desired matches because it drops too much. I would say 80% of my 4v4 do not go more than 10 minutes without someone dropping. I cannot help but notice a lot of the players that drop seem to be from Asia (Chinese-like characters in their name). I used to play AOK 20 years ago. The game was not as balanced as now, and I think the game is better now, but I NEVER had these drop issues that I am having with this game.

Exactly. Just disconnected twice in a row from ranked games while my discord with my friends was working perfectly. This has been happening since forever. I barely restrained myself from uninstalling. This game is a multiplayer mess. Devs need to wake up and fix these issues because I did NOT pay to get my ■■■ kicked out of matches for no bloody fault of mine.


I have about 40 full 3v3s and 4v4s played with the latest patch. My estimation of the situation would be something like the following:

  • In the lobby 75%~ of games “fail” requiring me to queue up again. Most of this is likely due to players alt-f4’ing from devs forcing unwanted maps on them. Estimated total queueing per started game is around 10min.

  • Out of started games around 10% have one player drop when the loading screen finishes

  • Out of the succesfully loaded games around 20-25% have one player have the freeze screen bug. This bug is new with the latest patch and is the worst since it can occur at any time in the game resulting in more wasted time than when the player drops in the loading screen.

So yes, I’d say the situation is really bad and coupled with the horrible map pool this really makes me consider stop playing the game altogether.


Disconnect or out of sync it is not a problem. It is some that happen in every multiplayer game.
The real problem is the NO OPTION to RECONNECT…
All multiplayer game have an option to reconnect, this is 2020 guys!!! I do not understand how it is not possible reconnect to a game…Something just basic in this times—

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My experience from lots of 4v4 ranked games.

  • At least 25% of the games someone crash (or drop) in the first 10min.
  • At least 15% of the games an unbearable lag begins after the Castle Age (one or more players with the yellow icon next to their name) (Not me, just to clarify).

And I think I’m being pretty generous with the percentages above…


Yes. I get the freeze like one in three games on average. This is so frustrating becasue my internet is fine, my PC is fine, I get 60 FPS, and i run well below my capacity. It just bloody freezes and kicks me out for no reason. Then even when it isnt freezing completely, It will freeze and then unfreeze and fast forward like crazy while my cavalry runs into enemy halbs. This is gotten to the point that i just dont want to play this mess of a game anymore.


Same here, seemed ok after the hotfix but now there are very frequently issues again

  • Failing to join games very frequently. Usually 2-3 games with that before there’s one that actually starts.
  • Stuck at the loading screen, players showing as not ready forever
  • “Freeze” in game like a connection drop, but never actually drops. Just stuck forever

Could you let us know how frequently you play multiplayer? Because I find it hard to believe that you do not experience people disconnecting if you do play frequently. This is a widespread issue reported frequently here on the forums, on reddit, on steam, and on chat. I play multiplayer daily and disconnects happen in about 50% or more of games.

Also, please do not try to downplay an issue that someone else is bringing up by only providing your personal experience as proof against it. It is their right to bring it up, and they wouldnt spend time coming here and reporting it if it wasnt a real issue.


I suspect they updated the servers ahead of the monthly patch and this caused another string of issues.