Multiplayer issues

I can’t play online, the lobby is empty - is this a server problem in the UK? My crossplay is active and internet connection good. Please help


I have this issue usa as well. I’m on ubuntu. Took the update then had to reinstall as my files were missing after a reboot. But redownloading only took a few moments. So it clearly wasn’t the full 40gb. Never had this happen. 750+ hrs of gameplay on de. Not trying to hijack your thread, just adding concern. Pls lmk if/when you solve this issue.

I solved my issue by purchasing the African Royals package - this triggered a game update (4GB) that fixed the multiplayer issue

I purchased the dlc as well, didn’t get a dl. The issue is still present for me

It seems to me that my steam friends get the updtae earlier than I do on microsoft store. It’s been 2 days since they updated and for me there’s still nothing.

Game crashes every multiplayer games after the most recent update. No error code, nothing. Crashes to steam. Loading bar will fill up then it crashes.

Does this happen in skirmish? Sounds like you have a mod active that’s incompatible with the new patch.

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Having the same issue!!!